The Methodist Church in Ireland
Belvoir Methodist Church
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About us and our Beliefs
Members of the Methodist Church are those who have committed their lives to Christ and have formally accepted the discipline of the Methodist Church. As such all members are expected to attend worship regularly, including Holy Communion, join with others for Christian fellowship, engage in some form of Christian service and financially support the ongoing work and mission of the church through regular giving.
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Every church has its own form of organisation, government and style of worship. Some of these are directly influenced by particular aspects of the teaching of scripture; others are accidents of history.

The Methodist Church in Ireland extends throughout the island, and refers to itself as 'the Connexion', to remind individual members and local churches of their interconnected and interdependent nature.

The small group (or 'class') has always been the lifeblood of Methodism... They have different names now, whether a Home group, prayer triplet, Bible study, or whatever: but the aim is the same - to encourage one another in the Faith.

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