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Belvoir Methodist Church
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Current Month's Events..........
Events for the current month...
Thursday       4th     Jan    10.00am                          Belvoir art club
Sunday       7th     Jan    10.00am
Morning Service, Holy Communion, , Rev Edward Kirwan, Rev Heather Bell.
Sunday       7th     Jan      6.30pm Evening Service, Rev Edward Kirwan.
Monday       8th     Jan      7.00pm
Prayer Meeting.
Tuesday       9th     Jan    10.30am Coffee Morning
Thursday     11th     Jan    10.00am Belvoir art club
    14th     Jan    10.00am
Morning Service, Rev Edward Kirwan.
    14th     Jan      4.00pm
Evening Service, Rev Edward Kirwan
Monday     15th     Jan      7.00pm Prayer Meeting.
Tuesday     16th     Jan     10.30am Coffee Morning
Events For the Current Month.