The Methodist Church in Ireland
Belvoir Methodist Church
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Photographs of various events...
Enjoy the Photographs
These photographs are from the begining of the Church in Belvoir until September 1992 when it  was destroyed by the  huge Terrorist bomb which  did a lot of damage to all the buildings in the  vacinity, including the Church.
1.  Original Church
2.   Opening
3.   all in  for the service
4.  Some of the original  members
5.   Early Bowling club
6.   Rev Eric Mason 1981 - 82
7.   Rev B Turnbull and Family
8.   Sunday School Nativity 1984
9.   Jim.....
10.   The B.B 1988
11.   B.B Leaders with Rev D Russell
12.   The Choir 1988
13.  New Building begins
14.   Laying of the Stone
15.   Building progresses
16.   New building completed
17.   Bit of a tidy up
18.   The Dedication 16 Sept 1989
19. Belvoir MC First Leaders Board 1